Chase Rice Learned From Chesney

| October 11, 2015

Kenny 1Chase Rice spent the year opening shows for Kenny Chesney’s Big Revival Tour.  Although Chase was just a small part of that tour, the experience made a big difference in his life.  He talked about what he learned from Kenny with Country Countdown USA’s Lon Helton:

“First and foremost, his show on stage, I thought I had an energetic show, and thought I was energetic.  Some of that is the kind of person you are and the workout you do.  We went through Kenny’s workout, and now I understand how he runs around that stage.  I want to take some of the elements from his show and put them in mine.  Another thing Kenny did, he let me fly with him a few times.  I had one show in Louisville, and the next day had Luke Bryan’s archery tournament at the ACMs.   We were probably not going to make it, and Kenny said, ‘Dude just fly with me, we’re leaving after the show, going to Dallas.’  So the generosity of him as a person poured its way into my life.”

After the tour ended, Kenny invited Chase down to his home in the islands, where he gave him even more advice. “It was my first time getting to hang out with Kenny as buddies, and not on tour.  Kenny was talking to me on his boat, and he says, ‘I was walking through the hallway during one of the early shows, and I heard you on the stage playing Cruise.  I thought to myself, why is Chase Rice playing Cruise?  I got to talk to him, he can’t get up there and play cover songs on my tour!’  Then he said, it slipped his mind to talk to me about it.  Then he remembered it, and he told me on his boat, ‘It slipped my mind that you wrote it, so you did right by playing it.  Just want you to know.’  So he was going to tell me to never play it again, then he remembered I was part of writing it.”

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